Airpush acquires Hubbl to reinvent Native advertising.

Airpush acquires Hubbl to reinvent Native advertising.

We are excited to announce that Hubbl has been acquired by Airpush and we are joining hands to reinvent mobile advertising from all angles

Hubbl + Airpush. Here to redefine Mobile Advertising.

A year back when we launched Hubbl - we wanted to solve for a problem that we faced as app developers i.e. getting your app in the hands of the right user. We launched our mobile apps on iOS and Android, worked hard to develop our personalization algorithms to take the right apps and content to interested users and earlier this year we leveraged all of that technology to morph into first of its kind truly native advertising platform for mobile.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have been acquired by Airpush, winner of the Best Mobile Ad Network prize at the 2012 MEAs and ranked #1 in the 2013 Tech 200 List. We share a common vision to transform the mobile Ad industry. And we believe that Hubbl's expertise on personalization, relentless focus on Native advertising and overall domain knowledge of apps when combined with the scale and distribution of Airpush can help accomplish wonders. The Hubbl brand will stay independent and we will continue to focus on bringing content driven native ad experiences to the mobile ecosystem.

Asher Delug as well as rest of the Airpush team have built a great company. The passion and the vision they have for the mobile advertising space is truly amazing. We hope that joining hands with them will help us become the World's Largest Mobile Ad network.

We also want take this opportunity to thank our publishers and advertisers and most importantly, our families for their unconditional support thru this journey. We bootstrapped it all the way and thats what makes this moment even more special for us!
Yours natively,
Kushal, Archana and the Hubbl Team

Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.

Archana Patchirajan

CTO Co-Founder

Prior to Hubbl, Archana co-founded MyCityWay, an urban navigation platform that today enjoys a user base of 6 million users and has grown to become the official mobility service provider for BMWi

Kushal M Choksi

CEO Co-Founder

With background in engineering, mathematics and finance, Kushal has always been passionate about how technology can transform the way of life. Previously, he played leadership roles at DSP BlackRock, Athilon and Goldman Sachs.

  • Rajesh Sankarappan

    VP- India Operations

  • Vignesh Rengasamy

    VP- Product & Strategy

  • Vijayramkumar

    VP- Business Developement

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