Native and relevant advertising to increase revenue from your Website/Blog
Monetize your Website/Blog by customising real estate with one of several flavors of Hubbl Spacebar. Move away from unwelcome and often poor yielding interruptions such as traditional banner ads to a more natural, relevant and seamless user experience.
  • Native advertising from within the Website/Blog for a seamless User experience
  • Solves for changing ad consumption habits of consumer
  • Ability to pick a Spacebar based on the context of the Website/Blog
  • Relevances aspect reduces noise and adds value to the user
  • Interactive layer keeps user in your Website/Blog for a longer period
We are currently working with limited set of partners, if you are interested. Please get in touch.
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Pick a flavor : Select from an array of Spacebars based on nature and style of your Website/Blog

  • News

    Displays relevant Apps endorsed by media
  • Contextual

    Displays Apps in articles and blogs based on content and context of your Website/Blog
  • App of the day

    Targeted promotion that displays one relevant App of the day curated by Hubbl
  • List

    Displays featured Apps in relevant category or curated lists.

Few lines of code

Our Spacebar Widgets are easy to set up with just a few lines of code

Add value, Earn more

Display relevant content,
increase engagement, improve monetization.

Slice of the future

Read why the world is moving away from pushy banner ads towards native content advertising.
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