Kushal M Choksi
CEO Co-Founder

With background in engineering, mathematics and finance, Kushal has always been passionate about how technology can transform the way of life. Kushal's experience has been in quant finance area. Prior to Hubbl, Kushal has worked with industry leaders such as Goldman Sachs, Athilon and DSP BlackRock in various quant and portfolio management positions.

Kushal holds MS in Information Systems and MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Archana Patchirajan
CTO Co-Founder

Prior to Hubbl, Archana co-founded MyCityWay, an urban navigation platform that today enjoys a user base of 6 million users and has grown to become the official mobility service provider for BMWi

Archana graduated from the PSG College of Technology with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Since graduating, Archana has worked for companies such as S&P, JPMorgan Chase and Citi Group in various capacities.

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